Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Salvaged Soul

Salvaged Soul Pendants brought to life on a rainy afternoon. Mixing metals, jewels and chandelier parts, silver spoons transformed with old keys encrusted in rhinestone bling.

It was a very good rainy day.

This Salvaged Soul Collection is traveling down to the Pink Chandelier and the Vintage Market in Zona Rosa for our last minute shopping bliss.

Wishing you all a very splendid season filled with love, good health and lots of laughter.


Friday, December 9, 2011

Dear Santa, All I want for Christmas...

Charmed By Artistudio Goodies:

Lots of Glitter
The best clear drying glue ever
Silver bells
Felted Garland
Peppermint Patties
Time to read by the fireside
Snowball fights with the kids
Hot Cocoa topped with homemade marshmallows

What do you crave this holiday season?

Facebook me your answers and I will pick the best Christmas wish
and grant a Charmed Goodie for you!

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Baby It's Cold Outside!

We have had a wonderful crafty couple of weeks here in the studio, ramping up for some holiday goodies for purchase at Vintage Market's owner Kim Dye's Holiday Open House this Friday, November 18th. These are all limited edition items made with love, especially for Kim's event at her home, located not far from Zona Rosa near Park Hill High School. Keep the spirit of handmade giving this year alive, and see what is inside at Vintage Market!

Pictured above is our Holiday Bookscape (four available), Doily Pendant (light kit not included) (two available), three fabulous Angelic Book Wreaths, and "Baby It's Cold Outside Ruffle Scarf with Pin in 9 lushious colors.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

We've Landed To Stay in Zona Rosa!

Charmed By Artistudio has a new home located in the ever-cool Vintage Market in Zona Rosa, Kansas City, Missouri. If you haven't made your way to the Vintage Market, you will need to make a stop in and see... it is a utopia of great finds, eclectic, old, new and with our addition of artisan-made, one of a kind unique jewelry and gifts you will be sure to finish out your holiday shopping here.

Be sure to stop by our debut opening this week!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Happy to see all is not lost outside! My Rose Mallow apparently doesn't mind 104 degree heat unlike myself.

Taking the day off for my B-Day (yeah!) Went out to pick tomatoes and the last of the blackberries. Look how nice and fat they are :)

Bowl full of blackberries and basil, what is a girl to do...

Hopefully, I can find this special gin at HyVee for recipe below. If not, plan B is to make my heirloom tomato and basil with feta and balsamic vinegar and olive oil and save the blackberries for fudge sauce blanket on vanilla bean ice cream.

Does anyone have any recipes to share with blackberries? email me!

The Blackberry Basil Mojito

  • 1 1/2 oz G'Vine Nouaison Gin
  • 1/2 oz brown sugar simple syrup
  • 5 blackberries
  • 3 basil leaves
  • 4 oz club soda

To make brown sugar simple syrup:
In a small saucepan over medium high heat, bring 1/2 cup brown sugar and 1 cup water to a simmer and stir continually until the brown sugar has completely dissolved. Set aside; allow to cool. The simple syrup will easily last a week if covered and kept in the frig.

To make the cocktail:
In a collins glass, add the berries, basil, simple syrup and a splash of gin, and muddle well. Add ice to the brim of the glass; add in the rest of the gin. Pour the contents of the glass into a cocktail shaker and shake very well. Pour the ingredients back into the glass, top off with club soda and stir gently.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Where the heck have I been!

I admit I have been MIA these past few months. Summer usually flies by quickly for me... as we are creeping up on August (the beginning of my favorite time of the year through Oct.) I have come to realize that the many challenges of being in touch with everyone is quite a balancing act.

A dear friend has inquired on what I have been up to, so I thought I would share my day to day.

Well, I just came back from a 9 day trip to Cape Coral, FL with my loving family. During your heat wave, we were actually 4 degrees cooler beachside. Atypical vacation: swimming, eating, shopping, swimming... my kids I feared were gonna start growing fins.

Speaking of eating my kids had there favorite two spots I would like to share. My youngest loved Wicked Wings off area 34 on Ft. Myers Beach. We had wings there (I mean she) at least three times, they really had an awesome grilled white fish sandwich and refreshing margaritas.

My oldest loved Captiva Island's Bubble Room Restaurant. Outfitted in nothing but 1930-1940's hollywood decor and antiques where the waitress are dressed as boy scouts and everyday is Christmas. Quite a treat for the eyes and the tummy. Check out the yummy best cakes in monster size slices easy for three to share just one. We choose the Red Velvet and the Orange Crunch.

Despite the sun loving weather we still managed to encounter the late afternoon thunderstorms daily, which in turn allowed us a fascinating time to tour the Edison & Ford Winter Estates in Ft. Myers. Which was my favorite, and my family agreed it was very cool to see what the inventor of the millennium was truly about.

Perfect timing too, historical timing that is. I have been doing alot, ALOT of research during this time period for a book I am illustrating for my author-friend. Who I know is going to be proud cause even on vacation I am "on the clock." Look what I found a great image of a crock
used for canning. Yippee!

Here is an image of the Moonlight Garden flowers listed and loved by the Edison and another image of a flower that was the best magenta color I have ever scene. I wish I could remember what is was called, I think I was beginning to have a heat stroke at that point. So if any of my Evening St. Joseph Garden Club members can tell me the plant I will give them a special surprise at the next meeting!

So now back from vacation, and all my plants are crispy fried except my veggie garden (thanks Dana and Lisa!) I am back to work. Work, work, work.

The latest fun project now in completion is being installed downtown at the Allied Arts Council Conference Room on 8th and Edmond. I can't wait to see it, the boys have been working hard installing in the heat. The Allied Arts office window film is finally in place.

Still hard at work on the book... hoping to have illustrations complete and to press by Christmas. My author-friend has done such an exquisite job writing this book and truly has been a labor of love for her for many years. I can't wait to share with everyone.

The book for now has taken precedence, and I will still be maintaining the online store for the jewelry and when time allows still creating.

Going to studio now to work on a necklace set donation for the Trails West Patron's Party, hope the air conditioning downtown is working, wish me luck :)

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Sunshine and Happiness, Hurray!

What a month April was... I have to say we had a WONDERFUL turn out for our event and I thank all that came and attended. It was nice seeing everyone and meeting new friends as well.

Coming right off our last show we had to take care of some family matters back home in Michigan. My dear Grandfather had to undergo major bypass surgery and has flown through it with flying colors. He is an amazing, calm individual with a "take life as it comes" attitude and I am so thankful that he is on a speedy recovery.

After spending much time in the hospital, it is amazing to me how everything operates. The nursing staff was so completely kind and helpful to my Grandfather, I really have a better understanding and great appreciation for the medical staff and all they endure to provide the best possible healthcare.

From Michigan to Missouri, we will yet again spend sometime in the hospital at the Spring Craft Show this Friday, May 6th from 7 am to 4 pm selling our wares.

Check out these new charms...

Nursing Graduation perhaps? Cancer Survivor or to support the cause?

We in honor of my Grandfather will be making a 25% donation of sales from this event to our favorite local charity, NWMO Camp Quality... letting kids with cancer be kids again, a fun week long camp for children with cancer.

Friday, April 1, 2011

Final Sneak Peak!

We love, love the space we are using for this event and love, love our dear photographer friend, Eric Callow for allowing us to invade his studio with all our pretties. Rain or shine, our Spring Dream'n Soiree is on it's way!

Check it out... we have sweet little stuffed birdies and bunny buddies for the wee ones Easter baskets to adorable pillowcase dresses in an array of colors, LOTS & LOTS of jewelry made by Charmed By Artistudio, sassy scarves and so cool, so versatile Miranda "Pursonality" Purses. Come see "what all the talk is about" sidewalk chalk charms... and tell your story with Wimble, Nimble & Ink's Journal Jar Sets in a variety of themes.

There really is alot for everyone, Easter decor, silhouette prints, Everything $5 table, prayer shawls, mini photo sessions (walk-ins welcomed!) soldered charms galore, Delish Bakery cupcake tasting and giveaway, did I mention everything $5 table?

And last but not least, our Make & Take Station of a Metal Stamped Pendant (while supplies last), hammer away and easy monogram silver pendant with bead dangle for $10 bucks, what fun!

Hope you all can stop by, and enjoy a beautiful Spring Day with us!

Spring Dream'n Soiree
212 N. 7th Street, St. Joseph, MO
10 am to 5 pm

Best Wishes,

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Another Sneak Peek! Dos!

O.K., I really don't know who is cuter my model (super cute niece) or the scarf! Thank goodness, we were able to get this one photograph before the heavens broke earlier this evening.

So, here is our next sneak peek (times two) the chic couture "Urban Girl" scarf. Made from mens ties! So fun, so easy, looks great with a tee and capris to a corporate suit or fun summer dress. In making these scarves I have learned ALOT about ties and have a new appreciation. Beau Brummell vintage ties (I couldn't resist regardless of the $$) to some upcycled ties and even a stolen Tommy H. tie from my husband (he won't miss it).

Currently, I have pushed out 20 of these in all sorts of colors and different styles too. Wish the rain didn't spoil the photo shoot I could show them all to you. Guess what? You can get a gander this April 2nd at our Spring Dream'n Soiree! These are definitely one of a kind, no two alike...

Sneak Peek #2,
We will be having a Make-n-Take Table of metal stamped pendants (made by you!) of your monogram with wire wrapped bead dangle on a bead ball chain for a mere $10. Quantities are limited so come early. Above is an example of one of our metal stamped charm necklaces available for customization. We will post another photo soon of the actual make-n-take pendant here real soon!

Have a nice night everyone!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Smelling Spring or is it French Cuisine?

Coming off Mardi Gras my friend Robby in the French Quarter, NOLA has set me up with a special Spring Dream'n scent you'll only find at our Spring Dream'n Soiree. Lucky for me he has made me three cases and they truly make you wanna spring open the windows and maybe spring clean... but I am going to ummm, rethink that and head on to my favorite private dining place the J.C. Wyatt House for a french cuisine cooking class with a friend instead. If you can, check out what is happening at this fine establishment at www.jcwyatt.net This will be my second cooking class and I am sooo excited I can hardly wait. (Yeah, I need to leave here in 5.)

So back to the candle, these are handmade by Robby in the French Quarter, NOLA at the French Market (oldest market in the USA) and sells some sets online BUT you will only be able to get this scent April 2nd at the Spring Dream'n Soiree

Can you smell it? No? I guess I will see you April 2nd :)

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Sneak Peek #4 and a half, Double Yumm-o!

We will also have available these cute little Chalkboard Cupcake Pedestals for those who really like to celebrate in style. You know the saying the early bird catches the worm? well we will only have a few made so come early!

Spring Dream'n Soiree, April 2nd, 10am to 5 pm click here for more details.

Sneak Peek #4, Yumm-o!

Stop by our Spring Dream'n Soiree for a Delish cupcake tasting! And enter to win our Cupcake Stand filled with 24 cupcakes for your Easter festivities. We will announce the winner at end of day and contact them. All you will need to do is schedule a pickup day and flavor choice a week before your entertaining date.

Your cupcake stand can be used for future celebrations or as a nice accent to any room, I think it might even be fun for a teen's jewelry "drop zone" as well.

See what could be yours below...

Currently on display at Delish Bakery, 505 Francis Street, St. Joseph, Missouri.
Visit Delish Bakery online at www.delishstjo.com

Monday, March 7, 2011

Spring Dream'n Snow??

I must be dreaming... did they really say we are going to have snow, again, again, again? Geez, I guess that is okay since everything I have to do is indoors, not quite ready to go out in the garden and clear the dead debris and start seeding.

Speaking of gardening, my studio looks like a pseudo potting shed, with seedings of ideas strewn about, sewing projects here, painting projects there, jewelry soldering pile growing out of control. After a few mishaps and might I share that one must never spray adhesive within feet of ones iphone, I decided it was time to call in my dear friend for reinforcements. My list of thinks to make has grown and I need a little help from my crafty friends.

Last week, I have made the cutest adorable wish I had time to make this when my kids were little dresses. Got the fever to put my sewing machine to more of a test and made a flock of these birdies, with so many possibilities! (I must confess I hate stuffing these little suckers, but my weekly helping hand with her beaming upbeat outlook I know will love to take this task on :) I love my helping hands.)

What else, birdies, dresses, spring scarves, wine bags... oh yes and my favorite top secret fun, fun, I won't show you yet... oh, I am so excited about these! Really excited. Just you wait. (Scheduled last sneak peek before Spring Dream'n Soiree, April 2nd)

Here is an extra tweet sneak peak...

Now, all I need to do is hide the malted chocolate egg props from my husband!!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Spring Dream'n Soiree Event Sneak Peek #3

See our latest and greatest home decor product samples at our Spring Dream'n Soiree Event. You will be able to come in and "strike a pose" with our one time offer SHADOWPLAY Photo Session. A mere $10 photo fee applicable towards 3 poses of 1-4 persons). Choose one of our many posable inspirations or if you already have a pose in mind come on in and play. Just fill out our order form, strike a pose with our photographer, choose your print options and make your payment. We will send your print proof via email and then ship your beautiful personalized canvas directly to you.

For more details click here.

Many colors to choose from and posable inspirations to use!

What a fun way to capture your child at play with this unique print!

Senior Prom is nearing, why not strike a pose with us at our
SHADOWPLAY Photo Session coming this April 2nd!
Photo sessions will run from 10 am to 5 pm, first come first serve,
so get your number ticket for your place in line.

So, bring the family and strike a pose!

Sunday, February 27, 2011

April 2nd Spring Dream'n Soiree Event Sneak Peek #2

Deck them out in their Easter duds because we have a special Spring offering for you! During the Spring Dream'n Soiree event, mini sessions are offered exclusively with photographer Alli McLaughin, known for her artistic portrait playfulness by capturing a child's spirit through the lens. Perfect time to embrace a child's sweet smiling face from infancy to adolescence, or gather the family for a nice group portrait. Mother's Day is just a Spring breeze away, why not have Mom and kids photographed together?

$30 Mini Session (valued at $99)
One day only at the Spring Dream'n Soiree Event
Saturday, April 2, 2011
10am to 5pm
Hosted by us (Charmed By Artistudio) located in the hip digs of Double E Images Photography Studio at 210 N. 7th Street, Downtown St. Joseph (one block south of covered public parking)

Payment due at session, walk-ins welcomed

Please be dressed ready to go, props welcomed! (no live animals please.)
Call 390-8846 for details.

Hope to see you at the event!!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Sneak Peek #1

Sew Cool Lanyards and Key Fobs
Available at Spring Dream'n Soiree Event
Saturday, April 2, 2011
10 am to 5 pm

We are head over heels for the new line of fabs from our neighboring gal textile designer Tula Pink in Stewartsville, Missouri. Tula's fabric collection called "Parisville" is sew cool we had to make our lovely reversible lanyards and key fob's to match for our spring dream'n line. We will have a nice selection available for this event, maybe we can get Tula herself to sign one for us to raffle off?? :-)

Check out these lovely lanyards! And look below they are reversible!!!
and a Key FOB is a wrist strap key chain perfect for when you are walking the dog, have busy hands carrying the baby carrier or just really wanna look cool.

Available of course at the event!

Spring Dream'n Soiree Event!

That's right we have been Spring Dream'n and really after that last glorious warm day last week we are definitely dreamy-eyed. Please accept this cordial invitation and save the date for a you don't wanna miss event. I will be posting twice each week sneak peeks of the upcoming event.

Please note that if you Pre-RSVP the event by emailing to artistudiosales@stjoelive.com your intent to come we will reserve in your name a $5 off any Charmed By Artistudio item coupon to be picked up at the door and put your name at the top of the pile for the Delish Bakery 24 Cupcake Topiary giveaway.

I hope to see you all!

Best Wishes,

On a personal note, I may seem frazzled when you see me in person but don't dispair it's just the afterglow of feverishly creating... I promise it will be all smiles at the event :)

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Valentine's Is Right Around the Corner

Tele-Graham Crackers

That's right Valentine's is nearing and I am wondering what goodies can I send my dear Grandpa way up in Michigan to show him the love. I think this might be a fun thing to do with my kiddos, easy and gets the message acrossed don't you think?

I ran across this wonderful blog cakespy.com and their Tele-Graham Cracker just spoke to me. What a wonderful idea! I can tell my G how much he means to me, maybe throw in a few bags of his favorite (Earl Grey) tea and XOX send it on his way! (I hope I am not spoiling the surprise... Grandpa if you are peeking, there will be much more!!)

Any hoo, I feel the pressure is off, all I need to get is some Cinnamon Graham Crackers, cream cheese frosting and some little gel writers. What to say??? Miss you (yep), love you (uh, uh), U ROCK (cause he does- you should hear him play his organ).

Suck it Tele-Graham Cracker

I WON'T be sending this message, although I know he would find the humor in it since he is a really funny guy. (Yeah, this won't do). Umm, any suggestions? I do only have a 3 inch space to work with. If you come up with something clever please help a gal out.

Cakespy.com suggest wrapping in waxed paper with an outer layer of tissue, and packed in a kraft jewelry box ( perfect size and I have lots of them), but probably will send quite a few because I know he will share the love with his beloved dog Abby (she rocks too).

So what do you think? Do I have it in the bag or what?
Hope you all have a rock'n V-day with all your loved ones!

L (Charmed)

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Go Team, GO EAT!

You will find when I am not designing or creating, I like cooking. So if you happen upon this blog and like to eat, I will try to sprinkle in some cooking fun. I am by no means a great cook, but I have hopes to one day be :) So back to the game theme...

Whatever team you are rooting for– the one thing you can count on is a table load of probably not so good for you snacks. Ahh, but it's for one night right? And Monday is a new day!

So, after much debate on what to bring to the Super Bowl gathering I thought why not wontons? With so many different choices of things you can make with wontons I decided to concoct my version of the crab rangoon since my kiddo loves it so, and since their was a bizzilion wrappers in a package I decided I would use the rest to make taco bites. If you find you still have time before the game and want to do this here are the recipes:

OH! speaking of recipes and games, would you like to play a game with me? Email me your all time favorite game day snack recipes and I will post them all at the end of February in preparation for March Madness games. I will have my family choose three PLEASE MAKE FOR US NOW top picks and those chosen will get their very own favorite team custom charm. So, start sending those recipes to artistudiosales@stjoelive.com, deadline is February 24th, posting of our Game Day Recipes and Top Three Picks will be February 28th. Please indicate how you would like to credited along with your recipe ( Mary S. or Mary Smith or M. Smith) when we post on the blog.

Taco Bites

1/2 package of wonton wrappers
1/2 section of cream cheese block
1 pound taco seasoned meat filling (I confess I use veggie crumbles and no one notices, really!)
2 cups taco shredded cheese

Spray with Pam a 24 mini muffin pan. Place a wonton wrapper in each muffin hole, push down to make a shell.

Mix warm seasoned meat with 1/2 section of cream cheese, you can get creative and add sliced black olives or those spicy pickled green things. Spoon tablespoon portions into each shell. Sprinkle shredded cheese over each and bake at 350 degrees for about 12-15 minutes.

Top with a dollop of sour cream (yes, we like our dairy) and your favorite salsa.

With the other half of the wonton package, I have made Crab Rangoon.

Crab Rangoon Triangles

1 block of Cream Cheese, softened
1 can Star Kist Lump Crabmeat
1 T. Worcestershire Sauce
1/2 Tsp. White Pepper
1/2 Tsp. Garlic Powder
20 wonton wrappers
Oil to fry
Egg white for sealing wrappers
Sweet and Sour Dipping Sauce

Mix all the ingredients EXCEPT wonton wrappers in a bowl. Place a wonton wrapper and run with your finger on all edges with egg white. Place a bit more than a teaspoon of filling inside wrapper, fold over and seal edges to form a triangle. Place each made triangle between two damp paper towels on a plate. When done place in fridge till you are ready to fry.

Fry each about 2 minutes in a pan of hot oil till golden brown. Drain on paper towels. Serve with sweet and sour sauce.

Walla, let the game begin!