Monday, March 7, 2011

Spring Dream'n Snow??

I must be dreaming... did they really say we are going to have snow, again, again, again? Geez, I guess that is okay since everything I have to do is indoors, not quite ready to go out in the garden and clear the dead debris and start seeding.

Speaking of gardening, my studio looks like a pseudo potting shed, with seedings of ideas strewn about, sewing projects here, painting projects there, jewelry soldering pile growing out of control. After a few mishaps and might I share that one must never spray adhesive within feet of ones iphone, I decided it was time to call in my dear friend for reinforcements. My list of thinks to make has grown and I need a little help from my crafty friends.

Last week, I have made the cutest adorable wish I had time to make this when my kids were little dresses. Got the fever to put my sewing machine to more of a test and made a flock of these birdies, with so many possibilities! (I must confess I hate stuffing these little suckers, but my weekly helping hand with her beaming upbeat outlook I know will love to take this task on :) I love my helping hands.)

What else, birdies, dresses, spring scarves, wine bags... oh yes and my favorite top secret fun, fun, I won't show you yet... oh, I am so excited about these! Really excited. Just you wait. (Scheduled last sneak peek before Spring Dream'n Soiree, April 2nd)

Here is an extra tweet sneak peak...

Now, all I need to do is hide the malted chocolate egg props from my husband!!

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