Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Where the heck have I been!

I admit I have been MIA these past few months. Summer usually flies by quickly for me... as we are creeping up on August (the beginning of my favorite time of the year through Oct.) I have come to realize that the many challenges of being in touch with everyone is quite a balancing act.

A dear friend has inquired on what I have been up to, so I thought I would share my day to day.

Well, I just came back from a 9 day trip to Cape Coral, FL with my loving family. During your heat wave, we were actually 4 degrees cooler beachside. Atypical vacation: swimming, eating, shopping, swimming... my kids I feared were gonna start growing fins.

Speaking of eating my kids had there favorite two spots I would like to share. My youngest loved Wicked Wings off area 34 on Ft. Myers Beach. We had wings there (I mean she) at least three times, they really had an awesome grilled white fish sandwich and refreshing margaritas.

My oldest loved Captiva Island's Bubble Room Restaurant. Outfitted in nothing but 1930-1940's hollywood decor and antiques where the waitress are dressed as boy scouts and everyday is Christmas. Quite a treat for the eyes and the tummy. Check out the yummy best cakes in monster size slices easy for three to share just one. We choose the Red Velvet and the Orange Crunch.

Despite the sun loving weather we still managed to encounter the late afternoon thunderstorms daily, which in turn allowed us a fascinating time to tour the Edison & Ford Winter Estates in Ft. Myers. Which was my favorite, and my family agreed it was very cool to see what the inventor of the millennium was truly about.

Perfect timing too, historical timing that is. I have been doing alot, ALOT of research during this time period for a book I am illustrating for my author-friend. Who I know is going to be proud cause even on vacation I am "on the clock." Look what I found a great image of a crock
used for canning. Yippee!

Here is an image of the Moonlight Garden flowers listed and loved by the Edison and another image of a flower that was the best magenta color I have ever scene. I wish I could remember what is was called, I think I was beginning to have a heat stroke at that point. So if any of my Evening St. Joseph Garden Club members can tell me the plant I will give them a special surprise at the next meeting!

So now back from vacation, and all my plants are crispy fried except my veggie garden (thanks Dana and Lisa!) I am back to work. Work, work, work.

The latest fun project now in completion is being installed downtown at the Allied Arts Council Conference Room on 8th and Edmond. I can't wait to see it, the boys have been working hard installing in the heat. The Allied Arts office window film is finally in place.

Still hard at work on the book... hoping to have illustrations complete and to press by Christmas. My author-friend has done such an exquisite job writing this book and truly has been a labor of love for her for many years. I can't wait to share with everyone.

The book for now has taken precedence, and I will still be maintaining the online store for the jewelry and when time allows still creating.

Going to studio now to work on a necklace set donation for the Trails West Patron's Party, hope the air conditioning downtown is working, wish me luck :)

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