Monday, July 26, 2010

Back from Colorado

Spent some time with family in Colorado in a town called Salida. My cousin got married with a beautiful backdrop of mountains and lots of family and friends. Unfortunately, I have to wait for my sister to send me photo's before I can share. Dare I say I forgot a camera :(

I will make it up by photographing some fabulous finds I found for my crafting adventures at a cool shop called Fringe, too many cute stores yet only one day to play!

Tomorrow I will have something to feast your eyes on!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

A Few Hours Later...

Well, I have a feeling this won't be so bad after all. I have figured out how to add images, and adjust my settings. So, above you will see my latest creations advertised for our St. Joseph Downtown Art Crawl. It was a fun evening in the Performing Arts Association office where I displayed the latest "Going Coastal" collection. You can of course see for yourself here.

Today is the Beginning of Something New

Today I am wondering how easy can blogging really be. Going through many steps to finally write down what is on my mind? Exhaustion. My hopes are to be able to provide a blog of interest and further fuel my creative thoughts. I guess we will see....

Two handfuls later of much needed M&M's I digress that I am still hesitant to how this blogging adventure will be. Mmm, stick with me and let's find out together. Hand in hand, (with the other in the M&M bag!)