Sunday, March 20, 2011

Smelling Spring or is it French Cuisine?

Coming off Mardi Gras my friend Robby in the French Quarter, NOLA has set me up with a special Spring Dream'n scent you'll only find at our Spring Dream'n Soiree. Lucky for me he has made me three cases and they truly make you wanna spring open the windows and maybe spring clean... but I am going to ummm, rethink that and head on to my favorite private dining place the J.C. Wyatt House for a french cuisine cooking class with a friend instead. If you can, check out what is happening at this fine establishment at This will be my second cooking class and I am sooo excited I can hardly wait. (Yeah, I need to leave here in 5.)

So back to the candle, these are handmade by Robby in the French Quarter, NOLA at the French Market (oldest market in the USA) and sells some sets online BUT you will only be able to get this scent April 2nd at the Spring Dream'n Soiree

Can you smell it? No? I guess I will see you April 2nd :)

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