Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Today's Weather Made Me Think

Todays weather has made me think forward to the finer days to come. The season I now as an adult look forward to most is "indian summer." Growing up in the west hand of Michigan and spending summer afternoons on my grandparents apple farm my Grandmother and I would debate what time of the year was the best. I being a smart nine year old would boast Christmas every time because I knew what that meant– presents. She would often disagree and say "Indian Summer." At the time I could never understand for one, Indian Summer was not listed anywhere to my education a true season, a nine year old only knew: Summer, Fall, Winter and Spring.

But Indian Summer meant to her the end of a long hard working season of fruit growing, gardening and harvesting. A time where you can enjoy the sunny days at leisure, take in the sun with a walk to the pond for an afternoon of fishing, reading on a blanket near the porch or going out to Oval Beach and walk shin high with your pants rolled up against the chasing waves. These were the moments worth waiting for, moments of a self employed farmer enjoying time earned.

For those who are not certain Indian Summer is usually late October after the leaves have turned following an onset of frost where the weather is sunny clear and above 70 °F. In this area of Missouri it is hard to say if we will see an Indian Summer or not every year. All I know is that if I look ahead and see a glimpse of good weather to come after the frost as put my garden to rest I can assure you I too may spend an afternoon walking near the lake and taking in the sunshine.

Enjoy your evening, take a break and go outside!

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