Monday, August 16, 2010

For The Love of Food

I would like to take this moment and thank everyone who stopped by my studio last friday, it was wonderful to see faces that I haven't encountered all summer. Shame on me!

Any-hoo, I was just taking sometime researching recipes because as always this time of year it hits me- baking, roasting, putting yummy stew in the crock pot. Mmm, getting very hungry now. Above in the beautiful photo of what looks to be my next grocery shopping list is borrowed from check it out for yourself. A very talented chef, and amazing photographer with wonderful recipes to share.

So far here are my favorites to try:

Smoke Salmon Baked Wonton Cups (Possibility for Bunko?)

Chocolate Zucchini Bread (My friend Pat gave me wonderful blueberry zucchini bread for my birthday, maybe I will surprise her with this !)

Apple Almond Cake (You had me at Apple, Almond, Cake... need I say more) Plus, the cute kitty is by far the sweetest I have ever seen.

Chicken Enchiladas (I think the whole family will enjoy this one.)

I vow to try everyone of these recipes this fall, if you try one or two let me know what you think of them as well. Thanks to Joanne for inspiring my taste and hopefully new menu ideas to shake things up in our household. Also, I will have to vow more time on the tread mill I am afraid.

BTW, if you are ever down in out for something really really good and really easy (dare I say from the freezer section of walmart, dare I say Great Value generic brand) try the Triple Berry Blossoms. Perfect fix with a little vanilla ice cream. Got some cook'n now!

Till later!

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