Sunday, August 22, 2010

For the Love of Bugs?

Strange as how I have come to love bugs like food (not to eat mind you) but pure fascination. Weird how you can spend time and not look up at the sky for a mere moment and miss something oddly spectacular. Have I built the suspense yet?

While I was patiently waiting with my youngest kiddo in the car for the oldest to finish VB practice, a nice hour refuge of speaking to the folks, finished reading a fabulous cookbook I just bought at Border's earlier, to messing with my iphone till everything I could possibly do to entertain myself with this goofball's foot tapping my head I look up to the sky and see it... what looked to be 20 or more tiny tiny birds. But on closer inspection what was really more like 50 or so buzzing dragon flies. Dragon flies, nearly two stories up in the area whirling back and forth above the treetops. How weird, usually you see randomly one in the back yard whirl by or around a pond or pool. But there were so many. I said, "Hey kiddo, look at those birds!" Astounding to me was the uninterested, "Uh, yeah mom those are bugs, I seen em." I should have know the most interesting thing in the car was the chocolate chip cookies she offered to "chump on" with me if I wanted to join her.

So, I spent the next 10 minutes starring up. Watching to see if any actually would bump paths and saw a few had near misses. I guess if you are going to watch bugs, watch with the car window shut. I had several mosquito's hitching a ride home with me as well.

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