Friday, November 12, 2010

Whimsy and Wearable!

Let it Snow! Okay really not yet, but this darling necklace is certainly a start of something cheery!
Does it snow in Paris?? I do know that Paris would be nice anytime of the year, maybe someday. However, today we have Paris Love Affair in the air of this bitty studio, come see what has inspired from the city of love.

See our vintage side of things, it's all joyous, a bit altered and definitely dreamy.

Rings of the Eiffel Tower, vintage crystal chandelier parts, and beans (beans not for sale, sorry).

And a final Ode to Erika, dear friend who found her chandelier of hideous nature in her new Midwestern home several years ago. See what delight it has brought me? Erika, you are a Diva of great things, anything you have I will certainly take :) I will duplicate this crown just for you my dear... with a sincerest thanks!

Hope all is well, and you join me tomorrow for the finale of the sale: 11 am to 6 pm, this Saturday, November 13th at Charmed By Artistudio 218 N. 7th Street, St. Joseph, Missouri

Best Wishes,
Lisa Sprague

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