Thursday, September 2, 2010

All In A Day's Work

7:30 am
My dear child asked me this morning "what do you do all day when I am at school?" and I joked and said I sit and watch TV and ate Bon Bons. Of course, she wasn't happy about the TV part and really did not know what a Bon Bon was so I thought here today I will dispel the mystery for her.

First thing, and not everyday is the same. Sometimes I go straight downtown to my studio and play "let's make jewelry" and other crafty thing-a-ma-thingies. But usually, it begins with coffee (strange it is decaf- however, I need it so) and begin by going through the morning emails. Usually checking to see what jobs (my full time job by the way is a graphic designer) or as my kiddo would say "drawerer of boring things like words unless it has to do with food". The only food item I have done lately would be dog bones (might good dog bones too! check out )

So far, the morning starts off right, Chew Gourmet's brochures ordered, signage ready for pick up. Need to do a little T-Shirt design for a school, revise some banner designs to grace Frederick Ave. once again, check out VSL (my favorite senior living client) for any new news.

Afterwards, my list of to do's always long and never ending somehow I decided I would briefly optimise my website through google analytics, throw in a few new meta tags for good measure. And then as usual get off the beaten path by browsing some websites and a moment of Facebooking. Probably should pay some bills, and file away some project folders but that is all too boring, I will save for a rainy day which looks like tomorrow.

Mid Morning:
Thoughtfully my dear friend and husband's assistant (Lord, help her) comes wandering with her day old coffee apologizing to dump it out. I said no, no give it to me and waltz into the other room where I have strategically set up a laboratory station to tea stain age my photocopies of an 1887 publication for an upcoming workshop idea and threw her coffee into the mix. Sometimes I think, can there ever be a moment where I surprise her by my actions? Oddly, probably everyday yet she is always too nice and turns her head to raise the eyebrow.

Thus, the day is off to a start, intermitted tea stain project and designing on the computer. Back and forth, all day long. Fun eh?

See just drink lots of coffee or tea and throw in a pan to soak the paper, and hang to dry! Viola, a decade looking old document almost like the real thing. This may become handy someday for someone to know, I am just say'n.
I have only used the yucky tea bags in this experiment, like rosehips and earl grey... sorry I am either a green tea, cinnamon or lemon lift girl.
Lunch Time:
Typically, I am crunching in as many hours as I can and eating as I work but today since it was nice I took the dog out and took a break to eat. A normal healthy lunch, not from Taco Bell. (Already did that this week.)
1:15 pm

Not exactly where I wanted to be in the day, still had 23 more papers to soak and five banners to revise that are mega mega big, dragging the memory down. Thus, brings me to the candy corn I had purchased for my photo shoot of the charms I did the other day. Decided against using because of the heat and thought I needed a little treat for my efforts. So, I went from saving the file, to eating a handful of candy corn, to going and soaking and hanging one more page. I figured I am getting my exercise as well right?

2:30 pm

Yep, it had dawned on me that I have yet to cook a meal this week and since I have a bit of time and the need to procrastinate today I will make this wonderful dish my whole family just loves, full of veggies and chicken... my Chicken Cacciatore. I exaggerated a little, they really enjoyed the rice part. Apparently, this dish from my childhood is just that, my childhood.

Simmering all day, yum yum!I realize the main portion is not supposed to be that big so I am going to blame it on the angle of the photograph.

The end of the day... enjoying a meal with my family, laundry, homework, blogging. I can honestly say, I wouldn't mind a Bon Bon at this point.

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